loggoo offers online brand monitoring services.

"We offer the Marketing & Legal professional control of their online Brand exposure. With our "BrandTracker monitoring tool", we give insights all around the world in USE and ABUSE of your Brand. loggoo is unique in textual & visual matching of your Brandname or logo, which gives you full and relevant insights in online parties using your valuable Brand! Try our Demo for functionalities (1 min) offered or do our Video tour (1 min) "

  • Visual Monitoring

    Insights in use & abuse of your logo or product visual

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  • Merchandise Monitoring

    Insights in use & abuse of your products sold on the internet

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  • Domain Monitoring

    Insights in use & abuse of your brandname used in domains

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  • Adwords Monitoring

    Insights in use & abuse of your brandname used in Adword campains

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  • Sentiment Monitoring

    Insights in social media sentiment of your brand within your target audience

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loggoo is an active participant in the Search Engine Delta cluster: a partnership of 25+ Dutch search technology companies. loggoo shared their knowledge and experience in the field of 'Image Recognition & Visual Search' with other entrepreneurs (Niek Huizenga, Search Engine Delta).

TNO is partnering with loggoo in the field of Image Recognition for worldwide online Brand Tracking services. TNO’s mission is concepting innovations & aiming for ‘Go2market’ business services. Our partnership position both parties to stay ahead of competition and be the number 1 in innovative online search solutions (Drs.ir. M. Peeters, Business Development Manager).

"loggoo partners with SDB software for leading worldwide IT Services and is able to offer secure and highly innovative software" (Richard Jansen, CEO SDB).

"We make use of the innovative Detection & Brand Tracking Services of loggoo and are very keen on the results we received. In this way we save money & time. We can manage our online Brandguide to a maximum" (Yvonne Prins, Manager Communications Hi Mobile).

"Gaastra used our loggoo BrandTracker tool in order to combat counterfeit practices with illegally sold merchandise within Europe using the Gaastra Brand" (Robin Hattink, CEO loggoo).