Face IT2U changes its brand name into loggoo

From February 2012, the name Face IT2U no longer is used by our company. In 2009 this was introduced by the idea of ‘Face IT’. Which meant that brand owners could ‘Face’ the facts on the internet on how their brand is used by others. However, we thought it was time to make a change.

loggoo” will be our new brand name. Why? Because it better presents what we do and what were good in. Our Visual Monitoring is about tracking and tracing brands in terms of “logos”. Tracking & tracing is also called keeping a “logg” of all kinds of online data. So the combination of both ‘logg’ and ‘logo’ makes “loggoo”. And we thought it’s a good idea to make the double ‘o’ in another color (red), to emphasize we are a ‘search company’ (representing 2 eyes searching the online world). The world used as a visual represents the complex and numerous amounts of visuals around the world, in which our BrandTracker tool is searching for logos, brand names, domains, illegal merchandise etcetera.

New website
With changing our brand name into loggoo, we also changed our website. Please make a visit and try our DEMO which better represents the way how we search the internet. By making use of an original logo! We will find data more efficiently and much more effectively than traditional search methods used.


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Team loggoo