As one of the largest Telecom companies in the Netherland, Hi requested Loggoo to do a survey on the internet to search for their old logo’s. After a House style change, the old Hi logo was still used on many internetsites. The telecom provider was interested in controlling their Brand Guide they specified for their dealers and resellers.

Management questions were:

  • in how many cases is the old Hi logo used on the internet for commercial purposes
  • is the Hi logo used by licensed partners
  • if the current Hi logo is used, is it used conform the Brand Guide

Some of the Results:

  • after notifying the owner of the internetsite, on which old Hi logos were used, 90% of the old Hi logo was replaced by the current Hi logo within 2 weeks
  • a Business Case was made in which the benefit of the survey was proven
  • usage of old Hi logo was reduces by 80%

For those who want to read more about this press this link